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5 Way to Stop Windows Update on Windows All Version

Windows updates are really needed to improve performance and get new features provided by windows. However, when we need it outside the room...

Eabdus 24 Jul, 2022

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How to Make Google Chrome Dark Mode

Google Chrome is one of the browser software that is one of the best choices for browsing the internet because it looks as simple as and is ...

Eabdus 24 Sep, 2022

Here are Some of The Best Emulator For PC

The best Android emulator is here as a solution for those of you who want to play the latest mobile games but are constrained by the specifi...

Eabdus 23 Sep, 2022

How to Recover Flash Drive on PC

We may have accidentally deleted a file or folder from our flash disk, or even gotten a virus, so some of our files will be deleted automati...

Eabdus 22 Sep, 2022

Download Firemin for Optimize Firefox Memory Usage

Are you a Firefox browser user? However, you have a problem with your browser that overused RAM memory, this will make your PC/Laptop slow e...

Eabdus 21 Sep, 2022

4 Best Free Antivirus For Windows 10

Antivirus is a software that was created to protect the device from malicious files (Virus) such as ransomware, trojans and many other types...

Eabdus 21 Sep, 2022

Sleep Mode Windows 10 Not Working

So many people use the Sleep Mode Windows 10 feature on their PCs or Laptops because they use the sleep mode feature when they want to go to...

Eabdus 19 Sep, 2022