How to Fix Battery Plugged in not Charging and Calibration Battery

Do you have ever experienced a laptop on the charger, that does not charge even though there is already a plugged-in status? when a laptop is on the charger there is usually a plugged-in status, but in this case, the status that appears is plugged in and not charging, this indicates that your laptop is connected to the charger but not charging.

Fix Battery Plugged in not Charging


To resolve, then action is needed. Below this :

1. Uninstall Battery Driver

You can install or uninstall the battery driver if there is a problem, then reinstall the driver. Well, I will explain the steps, please follow the steps.

-You can open the start menu 

-after that select the menu that says  “Device Manager”

-next, click right on the menu battery

-after that, select uninstall.


You can try if you have this problem. You can see if your battery indicator still shows plugged in not charging or not.

2. System Restore

System restore is one of the features on windows that has a function to restore settings to normal stages, before there may be damage and without deleting all files stored on your laptop.

maybe if your laptop has never experienced anything like this before, but suddenly your laptop shows an indicator like that then you can try to use system restore.

If you are still confused about how to use it, then you must listen to the explanation below. How to overcome a laptop battery plugged in not charging as follows.

-The first step, you must press the start button.

-Then look for the button that “system restore”.

-After that, you can run it by selecting “Restore recommended file system”.


maybe this method is also very good for fix the laptop battery is not charging, it can happen suddenly. But This restore process also takes a long time.

But, for you guys don't worry while experiencing something like this, because this method will produce according to your expectations.

3. Make sure the cable is plugged in properly

you have to make sure the laptop charger is connected to the port. Because there is a very sensitive charger,  so we have to make sure. When the charger is properly connected to the laptop, the plugged-in status will appear on the screen.

if the charger you are using is a non-genuine charger, you must check the cable jack/adaptor until the laptop is filled.

4. Still Not Charging? Try changing the charger

If you've done the steps above and still won't charge, then all you have to do is borrow a neighbor, relative, or friend's charger or it's up to you, then connect the charger to your laptop, see if it can be charged or not.

If the charger is detected and successfully charged, then the problem is with your laptop charger that has been damaged, your laptop charger asks to be replaced with a new one, But if you use a charger that you borrowed, it still won't charge, most likely your laptop battery is faulty.


You can try one by one, if the method works, maybe you don't have to spend your money to buy a new battery, but if you want an easier way then you can buy a new one. Otherwise, the battery drains quickly, and that's not good.

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