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How to turn off and disable windows defender antivirus on PC or Laptop

What is windows defender?, the first think to know windows default antivirus can be called windows defender it is a good security guard for windows OS, There are several reasons why people want to turn off this built-in antivirus function. 

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Microsoft has launched windows defender in windows OS for default antivirus to have better security, turning off the built-in antivirus function can be fatal to your PC.

There are several alternatives so that your PC can be safer when turning off the Windows Defender function, like installing other antivirus apps don't think that using two Antivirus at the same time, using two antivirus can affect your PC system.

So before your turn off this windows defender for a while or permanently, you can install other antivirus in your PC. 

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The first installation of windows antivirus this will automatically secure your system, but you can turn off windows defender temporarily or permanently disable, In this article I will give instruction to turn off the Windows defender function.


So if you want to temporarily turn off you can follow the method below :

1. From the windows menu write down Virus & Threat Protection

2. Second, in menu protection area select Virus & Threat Protection

3. Select manage setting

4. Turn off all existing menu

5. Now the windows defender is dead


If you follow this method it will turn off permanently, please pay attention to every step :

1. The first, you must open Registry Editor. Press the button (Windows + R) for run prompt and write regedit in search field.

2. Open folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows Defender

3. Now check the content ‘DisableAntiSpyware’ or not. If there is, skip the step and follow the next step.

4. Click right mouse or touchpad in empty area, new value then (DWORD (32-bit)

5. Give value in DisableAntiSpyware. Click OK.

6. Double click this values 0. change this value be 1.

7. Click OK, after that restart your PC/Laptop.

If you want to activated the windows defender simply change the value 0 to 1.


You can turn off your windows defender permanently by Local Group Policy Editor. But every Windows 10 version does not support this method. If you are a Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education user, then you can follow this method to turn off Windows defender permanently. You can also re-enable Windows Defender with this method.

The first step your must be a opened press (Windows + R) for open run prompt and write gpedit.msc, click ok. Or you can search in search bar write gpedit.msc.

1. Open folder – Computer Configuration – Template administrative – windows component – windows defender

2. Now you can see option by name turn off the windows defender in right panel. Double click.

3. Now you can turn on PC.

4. But, if still alive, follow this instruction.

5. Press button (Windows + X) for opened user menu and select option ‘Command Prompt (Admin). Enter gpudate/force and enter.

6. Now restart your PC/Laptop


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