How To Remove Trojan Horse Virus Until Clean

What is a Trojan Virus? Trojan horse virus is part of the malware that consisting of functions whose purpose is unknown, but in general have destructive properties, this virus does not have a direct effect like other viruses, but the potential danger is much greater.

Remove Trojan Virus Until Clean On Computer or Laptop

If a computer is infected with a virus then here are some possibilities, the characteristic of a computer infected with a virus Trojan, that is :

1. When visiting a website, there are several pop-ups that appear and have visited one pop-up, suddenly the browser redirects and auto-opens some unknown pages.

2. An unknown message box display appears on the monitor screen. The message contains some personal questions.

3. Broken files or lose

4. Unkown programs are active visible in the task list

5. Alert  or information from the firewall about outgoing communication from unknown sources

6. Trojan hidden in the background by opening certain files or data from the computer

7. Trojan are grouped into malware types, namely automated programs or stand-alone programs

8. Trojan horses is packaged in the form of an attractive program but behind the attractiveness of the software, hidden other destructive function

The features above are signs that usually appear when a computer is infected with a Trojan Virus. But actually, your data isn’t lost, but only hidden by a Trojan virus, you can check it by right-clicking on an existing drive, then checking the properties. Then the virus will appear there.

Computers that have been hit by a Trojan virus can usually be controlled by the virus attacker, maybe Trojan virus attacker usually do on the computer :

1. Deleted file on your computer

2. Send and take file on your computer

3. Showing the pictures on your computer

4. Closes the running programs 

5. Shut down your computer

How do Trojan viruses work?

Trojan viruses usually go through two loopholes, namely client loopholes and server loopholes without knowing, then the attacker will use the client to connect with the server and start using the Trojan virus.

Of the various kinds of Trojan viruses that have been circulating and infecting internet users, here are the kinds of Trojan viruses :

1. Trojan Remotte Access

2. Trojan Password Sender

3. Trojan File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

4. Trojan Keyloggers

5. Trojan Destroyer

6. Trojan Denial of Services (Dos) Attack

7. Trojan Proxy or Wingate

8. Software Detection Killers

9. Attachment

10. Physical Access

11. Trojan Netbios (File Sharing)

l2. E-mail and browser holes

If your computer is infected the Trojan viruses, don’t panic we will delete and clear the Trojan viruses.

Follow the steps for clear Trojan virus on your computer without antivirus :

1. Turn Off Virus in Memory

a. The first step turn off the virus in memory the method press button "Ctrl + Alt + Del" for showing Windows Task Manager

b. Click process section – User Name section for short processed files on the memory

c. After that, you look carefully wheter there is anything suspicious or not, when many running on memory, you should to ttirn off automatic startup first on the right (speaker and clock icon)

d. Turn off all the icons by quitting or existing the program

Loading the virus into memory is usually an .EXE files, this step is to prevent the virus from spreading first through our memory, Trun off all the .EXE files that are loading in our memory which we have previously sorted by “User Name”, Do not turn off files that are categorized as “system”, “Local Services”, and “Network Services”, because it can make our system Hang or Freeze.

2. Turn off the Virus at Startup

a. First, we can use “RUN” press button windows + R, by typing the command “MSCONFIG” then ENTER

b. After that the display will appear “System Configuration Utility”, then select Startup

c. Select “Disable All

d. Then you reactivate the desired startup if the virus is clean

If you understand which files contain viruses or not, which files are needed, and which are unnecessary, you should uncheck the box on the left for suspected viruses. This method will disable the virus in our starup.

3. Remove Virus Files From System Registry

The last step to remove the Trojan virus is that we have to use the “REGEDIT” command to modify and delete the virus from the registry.

a. First, open “RUN” then type the command “REGEDIT” then press enter

b. Then go to the menu EDIT find (or press Ctrl + F)

c. Enter the name of the virus file that you want to delete (Example: Example.exe)

d. Then select find next, if the virus file found, immediately delete all the registry that contains the virus, if there is a folder, delete it

Then continue by pressing the F3 key or in the menu select Edit and then Fin Next, Usually, the virus file is placed in several places in the registry, so you make sure to delete everything until clean, in the sense that the computer registry is free from loading the virus because otherwise, this work will be in vain.

4. Remove Trojan virus using antivirus

This method is simpler, you just need to download the antivirus, there are many antiviruses out there that you can use, there is avast antivirus, AVG antivirus, Smadav antivirus, and many more. In this article we will remove the trojan virus by using the smadav antivirus, how to:

a. First, download and install Smadav antivirus on your computer

b. After finished downloading and installing, then run or click antivirus Smadav earlier

c. Then click scan let the scan process up to 100%

d. After that select fix all or clean

e. Up here means that your Trojan virus has been cleaned from your computer

So the steps to remove  the Trojan virus from the computer may be useful.

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