What does System Restore do and what are the effect

When you install a driver and then result in an error on windows, there are two things you can do. The first is to fix the corrupted driver and the second restore windows to a state before installing the driver. The second option is much easier than the first choice because fixing the driver may result in even more damage. Many people are still confused about how to restore windows to their previous state.

In this case, System Restore will be useful. In this article, you can understand how they are used and how they affect files, Programs, Viruses, and More.

Notes: In this article, we will use windows 10.

What is System Restore?

System Restore is one of the features in windows that work to restore windows to a certain date. This system is like 'undo' on the windows system. For example, if you upgrade windows but instead make your computer crash, you can use Restore to back to the previous version.

What is Restore Point?

Restore Point is a specific date and time where system restore saves files and your computer setting. This restore point is like a 'checkpoint' of your computer. System Restore can make Restore Point automatically, but there are also manual. The question is what does a System Restore do? and does system restore affect personal files?. To answer that question, please refer to the description of the system restore on your computer.

System Restore effect on windows system

System Restore can restore almost all windows system files. Driver, Windows Update, and Registry, you can use system restore to restore system files and registry to the previous conditions.

Attention: If you run a System Restore, Windows will automatically defrag your drive, this also applies even if you use SSD.

System Restore effect on personal files

The program that existed before the Restore Point was created will remain intact. But, programs installed after the Restore Point will be uninstalled, it is possible that the restored programs cannot run normally due to missing files. Therefore, it is recommended that you reinstall the program that was restored.

System Restore effect against Viruses or Malware

System Restore does not remove viruses on your computer. This is because the virus has a code that makes it difficult to remove from windows system files.

Run the System Restore

After understanding the use of System Restore and its effect on your computer, the next step is to run a System Restore.

Notes: It should be noted that not all systems can be solved with a system restore. This is because the problem may have existed before.

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