How to Clear Cache on Your Computer and How are The Steps

Have you ever experienced a slow computer? maybe you need to clear cache on your computer. Cache is a collection of data stored from device usage. Cache works to make the device faster and more responsive. But, on the other hand, cache data can make your storage full.

How to Clear Cache on Computer

Clear cache on a computer/laptop is not difficult, and this is also the thing that needs to be done to loosen the storage. Clearing the cache won't do anything because it's the data that's collected to speed up performance access of the program.

The weakness of clearing cache is restarting the program. Usually, the effect is a bit slow when opening the program.

1. Clear Cache In Chrome

a. Go to the three-dot menu in the upper right of Google Chrome to select More tools - Clear browsing data.

b. It will open a dialog box to delete and select Time Range to delete by time. You can delete saved password, cookies in chrome, cached images and files.

Google Chrome collects all browsing history, you can delete deeply by visiting My Activity and select Web and Activity then uncheck Include Chrome History and Activity and Run Auto-delete so that google deletes anything. To delete even more you can click Manage Activity.

2. Clear Cache In Firefox

a. In the first step on Firefox Browser find the top-right menu, select Options or you can also select the Hamburger icon.

b. In the options there are several settings, to clear cache and cookies you can select the privacy and security menu

c. Then, you can find menu Cookies and Site Data, select Clear Data.

d. After that, you will see a dialog box and you can checklist Cookies and Site Data and Cached Web Content column to remove cookies and cache on firefox, select Clear.

e. Finally, you will receive a confirmation regarding the deletion of cache and cookies. Select Clear Now and Done.

3. Clear Cache In Edge

a. To find your browser history on Microsoft Edge, press Ctrl+shift+Del.

b. Type "edge://settings/clearBrowserData" in the address bar.

c. Finally, press Clear Now wait for a minute and Done.

Make Microsoft Edge clean cookies and cache automatically every time you exit the browser. First, open the Microsoft Edge menu and go to Settings, then tab Privacy and Services.

Scroll down until you find Clear Browsing Data. Then tap Choose what to clear every time you close the browser at the bottom of the menu.

Then, turn on the toggle buttons for Cookies and Other Site Data and Cached Images and Files. In addition, you can also turn on the toggle button for other things that you want to delete automatically.

Later, every time you close Microsoft Edge. Cookies and cache will be deleted automatically. But this will happen automatically if you close all Microsoft Edge.

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