2 Ways to Hide Files and Folders on a Computer (Safe)

Sometimes we need to create useful hidden files and folders so that computer users other than us can't access them unless we ourselves as PC owners, we should do this, the reason could be because there are personal files, personal photos, important files that shouldn't be known, let alone opened by someone else, of course, we don't want this to happen that's why we need to hide the file or folder.

There are 2 ways to do this, each with a different level of security. The way I most recommended is third because it is the safest method, just follow the trick :

How to Hide Files and Folder

First, we discuss the steps to hidden files that cannot be accessed by others, there are several ways that we can easily practice, including :

1. Hiding by Changing the Properties of a Folder

  • Right-click on the folder you want to hide.
  • Select Properties.
  • On the General tab look at the very bottom.
  • Check the Hidden option then press OK.
  • Select Apply changes to this folder only.
  • Open the Organize menu in the upper left corner, then select Folder Options.
  • Select Tab View.
  • Select Don't show hidden files, folders, and drivers.
  • Finish.

After passing the above steps, the folder will not be visible, but the weakness is that if the settings in the folder options are changed, it will be visible again and will not be hidden.

This method is the most simple and very easy to do, but this method is very risky to use to hide our important files so that other people don't know.

For people who are pro or familiar with computers, of course, this method is not foreign to them, they can do this when using a computer or laptop that we have because of curiosity or for other reasons and really want to know if there are files in the file. the computers that we intentionally hide.

For that, I do not recommend this method to secure your files. Because other people can easily access the files that we have hidden.

2. Hide Folders with Notepad

This method is safer than the previous method because here we will add a special password that only we can open.

  • Open Notepad.
  • Copy the following code  :

  • Then Save As with the name "Locker.bat" without quotes and change the Save As Type to All Files, then click Save.
  • A file with the name extension "bat" named locker will appear then click 2x a folder named "Private" will appear.
  • Move the files you want to lock into the "Private" folder.
  • Then double-click the "locker" file, then the CMD menu will appear :
  • Type Y if you want to lock, then press ENTER.
  • Type N if you don't want to lock, then press ENTER.
  • If you lock it, the "Private" folder will automatically disappear.
  • If you want to open the folder again, just double-click the "locker" file, then you just have to type in the password. Your folder will automatically reappear.

Finished. that's how to make a folder lockable on a Computer/Laptop.

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