5 Best Photo Editor Free For Your Android and Iphone

There are several steps for those of you interested in improving the quality of your photos. Starting with adjusting the light, the way the picture was taken, and the application used to take the photo. One step is editing the image to make it look more perfect. For those of you who don't have a computer/laptop and want to use a gadget/android, there are several best photo editor applications that you can use.

Best Photo Editor Free For Android

There are many photo editor apps on the play store, but in this article, we will recommend just a few that are good enough to use for photo editing.

1. Photoshop

Most people already know this application. Many people use the Photoshop application on the computer. But this time, it is photoshop for Android. This adobe company has other application packages that you can try:
Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Fix, Adobe Photoshop Mix.
None of these applications offer completed features like photoshop in general. They provide everything a user needs in different ways. Expresslets you add text and filters and make minor improvements. Lightroom can be used for advanced photo enhancement. Mixfocus on merging, cropping images. and Fix to correct defective images and remove distracting objects. And finally, Sketch as a drawing board on a Samsung Note series tablet or phone.

The main weakness in this application is that its features are divided into 5 with different features. Of course, this will confuse the newbie. But it never hurts to try, to use these apps together does take time, but if you want the best in today's mobile phones, you need to invest time in learning effort without a doubt.

2. Snapseed

About 7 years or so ago, Snapseed started from the App Store as a paid app exclusively for the iPad, but the app won unparalleled success, caught Google's attention, and bought its parent company. Since the Google tool over the app, it has become accessible and available for many Android platforms. Of course, the things that made Snapseed different from the start are still there with many additions. We can say this app is perfect for photography lovers in simple terms.

Snapseed Photo Editor provides features that allow users to initiate more effective editing. Start with color, focus, temperature, lighting, and others. Snapseed is more likely for professionals than beginners. And this application can be used as a portable alternative to editing images via mobile phones.

3. PicsArt

For beginners, this application is very suitable to try. From its easy-to-understand appearance, many features make you feel at home to use it, from improving image quality, adding filters, and many other menus that you should try.
The PicsArt application on the Play store with the best photo editor free category is also used by many people worldwide, judging by the download history.

4. Cymera Photo Editor

If you want a photo-editing application that is more inclined towards entertainment, Cymera is the answer.
For example, the app doesn't support the professional editing capabilities of packages like Photoshop, but it does offer a variety of simple and fast customization options. This app is perfect for casual users who like to have fun.
The app also includes paid extras, but a variety of free menus are more than adequate for your use.

5. Pixlr

This Pixlr application is made by Autodesk, a software company that includes 3D design and a unique photo editor with many features that are easy to use on a relatively small screen.
Pixlr has all the features that snapseed has. You don't need to be afraid of any shortcomings when using this best photo editor free.
Those are some of the best photo editor free for Android. You can also try them all to find comfort when editing images.

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