How to Check Windows 10 is Genuine or Pirated

Do you have a computer or laptop with the Windows 10 operating system? do you know how to check the authenticity of your windows computer or laptop? Windows is known as a friendly operating system with a user interface. Easy to use, and also there are quite a lot of advanced features built in.

However, the existence of comfortable make many parties use it. One of them software piracy. irresponsible parties want windows that can be used for life without incurring the slightest cost.

Of course, these irresponsible people will block all kinds of ways to break into the windows system. This has indeed happened a lot, the article has started many applications that can be used to break into the windows system so that it can be used without a license. But, now Microsoft has explained that it will also continue to develop systems equipped with security that will not be tricked later.

Easy Ways to Check Genuine Windows 10

Genuine Windows 10 will indeed get some support from Microsoft services, such as services or also bug or new features by updating Microsoft directly. it is not easy to find out if Windows 10 is genuine or pirated. Genuine and pirated Windows 10 are not much different and can't be said to have the slightest difference. This is because genuine and pirated Windows 10 have the same characteristics so it is very difficult to know.

But how to find out the authenticity of the original windows 10 is not as difficult as you think. you can check authenticity easily without using additional software. you can use CMD (Command Prompt) to see it. You can follow the commands below.

1. First, you have to open CMD the type slmgr /xpr then ENTER.

2. After that, a dialog will appear on the windows script host. If the windows you are using are genuine then you will see a dialog below with the caption "The machine is Permanently Activated".

You can add another code to find out more detailed information to find out if Windows 10 is genuine or not, here are some of them :

  • slmgr /xpr (Like Before).
  • smlgr /ato (Find out windows activation and its key).
  • slmgr /dli (Knowing windows activation and its partial product key)
  • slmgr /dlv (Know in full all the details of your windows activation)

How to Check Windows Product Key

The next way is how to see the product key or serial number on windows 10, for windows 8 and 7 the method is the same, here's how:
1. First, open CMD by Run as Administrator.
If it is already open, please type the following command in CMD "wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey
After that, your windows product key will appear, you can record the license key. This is useful any time you want to reinstall the laptop. You can use it.
Those are some tutorials on how to check original or pirated windows, hope it helps.

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