How to Find and change IP Address Windows 10 and Other Versions

How to find out the IP address on our computer - What is the IP address of a computer or laptop? What is the function of a computer's IP? How do I find out the IP of a laptop/computer? that's 3 questions that often arise about IP.

What is IP address?

Internet Protocol Address or (IP Address) is a sequence of binary numbers between 32 bit and 128 bit which is used as an identification address for the host computer in the internet network. The length of this number is 32 bit (For IPv4 addresses or IP version 4), and 128 bit (For IPv6 addresses or IP version 6) which shows the address of the computer on a TCP/IP-based internet network.
Each computer has 1 IP address, it's like your home has the same address as the computer's IP which is the address.

What is The Function of The IP Addresses on a Computer or Laptop?

The function of the IP address is to be used as a host identification tool or interface on the network. You can also connect from computer A to computer B to share internet connection or other.

How to Find out The IP Addresses of Computer and Laptops

There are several that can be used to find out the ip address on a computer or laptop. You can check via CMD, or through the website. Please select one of the tutorials below :

See IP address via CMD

Through CMD you can check the IP address see the following tutorial :
1. The first step is to open the Command Prompt (CMD) press the Windows+R.
2. Type "CMD" then Enter.
3. After opening, type "Ipconfig" then Enter, congrats your Ip has been seen.
Searching from CMD is the easiest way to do this besides using the internet, this method can also be done without requiring a connection.

Viewing Your Own Computer's IP Address Online

By using this method you must be connected to the internet, there are two sites that you can use to see the IP Address :
1. Please visit the site: It will automatically provide information about the IP computer you are using. here are the result:
2. You can also use the site then the result is like this:
That's how to find IP on your computer/laptop, you can choose one of the methods above.

2 Easy Ways to Change IP address in Windows 10 and Other Versions

There are times when you need to change the IP address on your PC in order to connect to the server or you want to change the IP for other purposes.
The IP address that is default from the server and can be changed is called dynamic IP, while changing the IP address manually is called static IP. Here's how to change IP on windows:

A. How to Change IP Address on Computer/Laptop (manual)

1. First, open Control Panel, this method can be done by opening RUN by pressing the Windows+R, then type "Control" then Enter.
2. Then open "Network and Internet menu".
3. Next, select "Network and Sharing Center".
4. Click the WiFi/LAN network that is connected to your computer, as shown in the image.
5. Then select "Details".
6. See section IPv4 Default Gateway (, it may be different from yours. This default gateway IP before changing the IP address on your computer/laptop.
7. Return to the Wi-Fi status menu, after that select Properties.
8. After that, Select Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPv4).
9. Write the IP address you want, like the picture below you can replace the last IP number from the number (2 - 253). For the others more or less like in the picture below.
10. IP replacement has been completed, make sure it is on Access type: Internet so that your Computer/Laptop remains connected to internet.

B. How to Get IP Address Automatically (Dynamic)

For example, you are connected to a Wifi network, then your IP settings must be automatic (dynamic). To get an IP address automatically, you need to connect to a PC or device that uses DHCP services.
So, you don't have to bother changing or manually setting the IP address on your PC or laptop. The trick is to select the "Obtain an IP address automatically" option.

You can often find this DHCP service in cafes that provide wifi hotspots, or even at your school. So you don't need to manually set the IP address to connect to the internet.

Make sure you also know the basics of changing IP addresses. It is highly recommended that you deepen your knowledge of subnetting. Do not let you carelessly change the IP address of your PC, which will actually make your PC connection with a server or other PC break. Good Luck!.

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