How to Back up Data on Your Computer and Laptop

Losing important files stored on a laptop or computer is a very unfortunate thing for most people. This is because they don't copy files to other media like (Online Storage) so, they have no backup at all. Copying to other storage means that you have done backup and archive files. So that, in the event of loss, damage, or deleting, you will still have the backup you copy earlier.

Windows also provides a tool to back up files. There are several options to choose from after doing a direct backup from windows such as File History, Backup and Restore System Image Backup, and OneDrive. Actually, there are many ways that can be used, this time we will learn a little about how to backup files on a laptop which is enough to secure your files.

How To Back up Data on Computer and Laptop

On this occasion, we will explain two ways to back up data besides the above method, in here we will use google drive and an external hard drive, please refer to the following tutorial:

How to Back up Data to Google Drive

Google Drive is an online storage media owned by google service created to help users secure their important files. This service is very safe because only email users can see the files that have been saved.

For new users, This online storage from google provides a storage capacity of 15 GB which can be used without incurring any costs. If you want to add a larger capacity, you can pay for a subscription. Before using it you must have a google drive account first, then follow the steps below:

1. Please download "Google Backup and Sync" first on your computer. 2. Then, open the application and follow each wizard prompted. To get started, click "GET STARTED".
3. You have to go through the "Sign In", Which is asked to "Log in" to an active Google account. Enter the email you have and click Next.
4. Enter the password from the email. If so, click "Sign In".
5. You will go through the Laptop wizard where you choose which folders you want to automatically backup to google drive. To add a folder, you can select "CHOOSE FOLDER".
6. You can also set the bandwidth usage used for uploading or downloading in the "Network Settings" option. When you have completed the My Laptop menu, click next.
7. Finally, in that section, select all the folders that you want to connect to Google Drive. For example, I will select all folders to sync to Google Drive. Click start to create file backup.

How to Back up data to External Hard Drive

The second way is to use an external hard drive for backup data. In this way, you only need a tool that has been provided, namely "Backup and Restore". The length of time it takes to backup data depends on how much and the size you want to back up. With an external hard drive, we do not need to use other applications or require an internet connection.

In addition, you can create your own schedule and set the time for when to backup at the right time. For more details, below is a tutorial for backing up laptop data to an external hard drive using the windows default tool, namely Backing up using File History.

1. Before starting, make sure you have connected an external hard drive to your PC/Laptop. Then, press the "Start" button and select "Settings".
2. Then the settings windows will appear. Click the "Update and Security" button.
3. Click the tab Backup menu. On the right side, you are presented with several options. Select the Back up using the File History section and there is an "Add a Drive" button. Click the button to view the connected devices.
4. Next, click the location of the device.
5. You will be redirected back to the Backup menu tab. There you will see the automatic backup function has been activated. Then, click the "More Option" button to continue.
6. In the "Backup Option" menu, you can see a list of folders that will be backed up to the device. If you want to add another folder, press the "Add a Folder" button.
7. When finished, click the "Back up now" button.

File History will back up all the files that you selected earlier, starting from documents, audio, videos, files, images, and folders. You can also sync with OneDrive. Those are 2 ways you can backup computer/laptop data. I hope the above explanation is easy to understand and helps you work.

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