How to Boot in Safe Mode in Windows 10, Very Easy!!

Do you know the use of safe mode? Here we will review a little about the use of this feature. Of the various problems that exist on your computer/laptop, it is recommended to boot in safe mode first to check when your windows have a system error. you can do all that b doing the tutorial that we provide below.

How to Boot in Safe Mode!

What is Safe Mode on Windows Operating System?

First, we need to know what safe mode is and what it does. The safe mode menu is one of the default features found on all versions of the Windows operating system, which is one of the features used to perform troubleshooting in the event of a problem with the device being used.

Problems that arise such as not running properly (program and software), the possibility of the device being infected with a virus or malware, therefore the checking process is to use safe mode to fix the problem.

Please note, that in the safe mode menu, it will only display features that are important during the startup process to explore the Windows operating system. So that all problematic software cannot work on boot in safe mode, users can freely check related problems experienced.

2 Easy Ways to Boot in Safe Mode on Windows 10

To boot in safe mode on windows itself can be done in several ways. For more details, please follow the detailed review of each method below.

1. Through System Configuration

The first way is to open safe mode via system configuration for the steps, please follow the steps:

  • Press "Windows key + R" then type "MSConfig" without quotes then Enter.
  • After the "system configuration" windows appear, click on the boot tab menu.
  • Next, checklist which safe boot option you will use.
  • After that, "Apply" and "OK", then windows will appear asking whether you want to restart now ot not.
  • Please do a restart to boot in safe mode.

2. Via the settings Menu

The second method is also quite easy to do. because it is only enough to access the settings menu on the device.
  • Please click the Start Menu, then select the "Settings" option.
  • Find "Update and Security" menu.
  • Next, click on "Recovery" menu.
  • Then, select on "Recovery Settings".
  • On the "Advanced Startup" menu, select "Restart Now".
  • After the device restart and you see the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot, then look for Advanced options.
That's information about how to boot in safe mode menu in Windows 10. after reading the explanation above, this is quite easy to do, isn't it? I hope this article can help you a little in fixing the problems that occur on your computer.

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