How to Fix Windows Explorer Not Responding on Computer

How to fix windows explorer not responding? Windows explorer is the default software for windows and this is an integral part. This is the most important part because all files will be able to be accessed from this windows explorer. Not only access but also can move files, deleted and other activities related to files.

Not responding to events in windows explorer will hinder your work and even make it frustrating for some people. We're here to help your computer problems, on the new operating system renamed to file explorer but this has no effect the same only the name has changed.

Fix Windows Explorer Not Responding

What Makes Windows Explorer Not Responding?

From several reports in the user community, there are many factors that can cause errors in windows explorer. On this occasion, there are three solutions for how to fix windows explorer not responding that can be used. Make sure you start from the first stage, if the first method has not changed you can continue with the next method.

1. First solution: Restart Windows Explorer

  • Press the "Ctrl+Shift+Esc key" combination to open the Task Manager. Then select Windows Explorer.

  • After that right-click and select End Task. The appearance of your desktop may change slightly, but that's okay.

  • Then open the File menu - Run new task.

  • Type explorer.exe and select OK. Windows Explorer will return to running normally.

2. Second Solution: Change File Explorer Options Default Settings

  • Press the Windows key on the keyboard then type and select file explorer options.

  • In the Open File Explorer to: option, you select This PC. Next, you select Restore Defaults and finally select OK.

3. Third Solution: Adjust Display Settings

  • Press Windows key + I to enter the Windows Settings menu.

  • In the Scale and layout settings, you select the Recommended only.

Learn More About Windows Explorer

What is Windows Explorer? In general, this software is used to explain file management on a computer or laptop that uses the Windows operating system. The process is based in explorer.exe which will be used to handle several functions, such as searching for file extensions. In addition, WIndows Explorer is a very important function for computers that use Windows operating systems such as displaying wallpapers, desktops. and other systems running on the computer.

There are several uses of the windows explorer that you can use:

  • With this software, you can do several things such as create folders, delete and move, and edit folders and files on your device.
  • You can also search for the file you want if you don't want to bother opening a folder by using the Find feature on the top right.
  • Windows Explorer can also be used to manipulate the properties or metadata of some object or system files.
Especially for operating systems such as Windows 2000m Windows server 2000, Windows NT 4, Windows X, and also Windows Vista, you can set and control access permissions on file systems, especially for NFT, File ownership, or auditing. therefore, the role of windows explorer on computer devices is very important.

The Cause of Windows Explorer Not Responding

When you open windows explorer Suddenly not responding. sometimes there are some conditions that cause explorer not responding. This condition can be caused by several things which we will explain.

1. Explorer.exe Error

When experiencing an error, windows explorer will not be able to open an alias not responding. This problem usually also results in windows explorer suddenly closing itself. In addition, when explorer.exe experiences an error, this can also result in a blank windows display. The cause of windows explorer not responding could be due to an error explorer.exe. Previously explained that explorer.exe is what will run windows explorer.

2. There is a corrupt file or thumbnail

The occurrence of windows explorer not responding can also occur due to corrupt images or thumbnails. Usually pops up notification windows explorer has stopped working. If you experience something like this, chances are there are image files or thumbnails that are damaged or corrupt.

3. RAM Performance is Too Heavy

This problem can also be affected by RAM. Maybe your computer has RAM with a standard capacity while you often run heavy applications. if left, the windows explorer has an error and will not respond.

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