How to Remove Ads on Smartphone, Easy!

Ads that appear on smartphones that we have will certainly interface with our activities. Moreover, when surfing the internet the ads that appear. Apart from making you uncomfortable, advertisements can also be dangerous for the security of information on your smartphone.

It's actually very easy to remove ads on smartphones. Here we will discuss 2 solutions that can be used to overcome this problem. Take a good look at the following tutorial so you don't miss anything!.

Remove Ads on Smartphone

Delete Browsing data on Google Chrome

The first way is to delete history from google chrome. How? just follow the steps below.

1. The first step, please open the Google Chrome application on your smartphone.

2. Then, please click the three-dot icon in the right corner. Like in the example picture.

3. Next, please click Settings. As shown in the image below.

4. Please select Privacy and Security. As shown in the image below.

5. Then, please click on Clear Browsing Data. As shown in the image below.

6. Open tab Basic menu, then, on the Time Range please select All.

7. Then, you can Checklist all box Browsing History, Cookies and site data, Cached images and files. then, please click Clear Data. As shown in the image below.

8. Up to this point is actually enough. However, to ensure that ads no longer appear on smartphones, you can block them on Google Chrome. Please return to Settings. Then, Please scroll down and click Site Settings.

9. Then, please Select Ads. Like the picture below.

10. Please turn off the Ads feature.

11. Finish, Now the annoying ads are gone.

Detect With PopUp ADs Detector

In this way, in addition to using the method of deleting browsing data on Google Chrome, you can also detect ads by using third-party applications. Immediately please refer to the following tutorial.

1. The first step, please download the Google Playstore application (PopUp ADs Detector).

2. Then, please install the application. and wait a few moments until the installation process is complete.

3. If the installation process is complete, please open the application. and select the Next icon.

4. Then, you will be asked to active the Accessibility of the PopUp Ads Detector application. Please select the Next icon.

5. Please select PopUp Ads Detector.

6. Then, activate the feature.

7. Then, in the popup that appears please click allow/Yes.

8. Please return to the application the select Yes.

9. After that, the application will look like the image below.

10. A shortcut will appear on your smartphone screen. If there are applications that issue ads, PopUp Ads Detector will detect them immediately.

So many articles this time that discusses how to remove ads on a smartphone, may be useful and help you.

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