Some Things That Make The Laptop Screen Streaky

When your laptop has problems on the screen, straight lines appear on the screen that makes you curious about what happens to your laptop, this can happen in several factors, the cause can also be due to unexpected things. Before you decide to take it to a repairman, it's a good idea to first identify what makes your laptop screen problematic.

Laptop Screen Streaky

The Thing That Makes The Laptop Screen Strip

The explanation below is a quote from forums and various sources of computer and laptop technicians, when a laptop device experiences problems with a striped screen, it can be caused by several things.

1. Problem Connector

The first cause is the flexible cable doesn't fit or is loose. When this happens, the connection from the mainboard to the monitor screen is not good and can cause the screen to look streaky.

2. There's a Pretty Loud Crash

The next cause if a problem like this appears on your device, can happen because of the possibility of a fairly hard impact on the laptop, such as falling, bumping, and other hard impacts.

3. Often Close The Screen Hard

The habit of users who close the screen hard enough when finished using it, is also one of the factors causing the screen to be stripped bad habits like this will also make the screen hinge more easily damaged.

4. Graphics Driver Problem

Next, the cause of the striped laptop screen could be software. Where the graphics driver used on the laptop has an error, for example, because the driver has expired and needs to be updated.

5. Screen Component Damage

The next cause is the possibility of a component damage problem on the screen itself. Where the LCD is damaged due to the old use factor, or due to other causes.

6. Laptop Screen is Often Depressed

If your burden is often put on objects on the laptop in a closed state, such as books or the like with a heavy one, it can cause problems on the laptop screen.

Conclusion: After reading the explanation above regarding the cause of the problem on the laptop screen, now you must have a little understanding, the to solve this problem you can fo your own check to find out what the cause is or you can take it to a service center for more appropriate treatment by an expert.

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