Fix Wifi on Laptop Not Found Windows 10 (100% Working)

What is Wifi? Technology that uses wireless radio waves to provide access to the internet to its users. There are several bands used, including 2.4 to 5 GHz. With this wifi, we can connect tablets, smartphones, computer, or laptop so that they can access the internet.

In this day and age, we really need access to the internet to read news, work, and do other activities. Because on the internet at this time everything is available for free or paid. Therefore, the existence of wifi is very important.

But what happens if the device we have has a problem with the wifi (wifi on laptop not found) on our device. For those who are doing work that requires a wifi connection, this is very important in their lives. On this occasion, we will learn how to solve this problem.

How to Fix Wifi on Laptop Not Found

There are several triggers for the occurrence of wifi not being not detected on our computer, one of which is an error or inappropriate routing. So that when we want to use wifi it can't display or can't display or can't catch the wifi signal around us. Here is the tutorial:

Update Drivers

Updating drivers is one way to deal with cases of wifi not found. Because the existence of the driver is the most important component that must be on a computer or laptop. Without these drivers your device will not be able to display a list of wifi/signals that are near you. Here's how to update drivers on a computer:

1. The fist step is that you have to enter the device manager menu. By pressing the windows icon + x on the keyboard. It will display several menu, after that select Device Manager.

2. Then select the Network adapters menu. Then right click on the menu select Properties. *Every device has a different driver name, so you have to adjust it to the driver you have.

3. On the wireless drivers menu. Select the Driver menu at the top. then select the Update Driver menu to start it.

4. Finally a message will appear and select "Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software". Then automatically the computer will update the existing drivers.

WLAN Network Configuration

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) is a connecting computer network that uses waves for its transmitter. This is also one od the problems why the device cannot detect wifi, namely an error in configuring the WLAN network.

1. The first step is to display the task manager menu. The trick is to right-click on the taskbar, then select Task Manager.

2. In the Task Manager windows, select the Services menu. Then the services configuration will appear select the Open Services menu.

3. Look for the WLAN AutoConfig menu. Then right click on the menu. After that select the Properties menu.

4. In the WLAN AutoConfig Properties window, select Automatic on the strartup type menu. Then click Start to run the command.

5. Wait a moment until the command runs, after that apply and click Ok.

So many tutorials to solve wifi on laptop not found, if anyone has a better tutorial suggestion writer in the comments we will make it as soon as possible.

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