How to Fix Internet Explorer Autostart on a Laptop or Computer

Internet Explorer is the default windows browser software. This browser is light, but i don't know why people rarely use this application. When you install windows on your device, internet explorer will also be installed automatically. It doesn't matter if this browser is on our device but the problem is why this browser will open itself when the device is turned on? Don't Worry, on this occasion we will provide a solution.

It's no wonder internet explorer is still far below other well-known browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and other big browser. Each browser does have several advantages to complement the needs of its users. The browser that has a big name is free to get with various features so internet explorer is abandoned.

Fix Internet Explorer Autostart

Fix Internet Explorer Auto Starting on Laptop

Even though internet explorer is not used, it appears when the device is turned on even though we don't open it. here is the tutorial:

From Windows features

1. Go to the Control Panel then go to the Programs menu.

2. After that, select "Turn Windows Features on or Off" as follows.

3. In the Windows Features view, uncheck the internet explorer option. Different windows, different browser versions, just adjust it.

4. If you get a notification just select Yes.

5. The check on the internet explorer option will disappear. Next you select Ok.

6.  Wait until the process is complete.
7. After that, you are advised to restart your device. Select Restart Now to do so, and internet explorer will not open by itself.

If the first soltion doesn't work for internet explorer that opens by itself, then it could be that your windows has been infected with a virus. you can full scan with antivirus that iis already available on your device.

The Cause of Internet Explorer Auto Start

1. Virus

The first is that your windows have been infected by a virus, even though internet explorer has never been used, it could be because of this virus the browser will open by itself because of the command from the virus. Maybe before this incident, you have installed illegal software that is spread on the internet, this also triggers the emergence of viruses on your device.

Because illegal/crack software is software that has been modified by irresponsible people, it could be that the installation file has been infiltrated by a virus file, you have to be smart about installing illegal software so that it has no effect on your windows device. Do not just click the link that leads to a particular site that gave rise to the virus.

2. From Add on

The next cause that makes internet explorer open by itself is an add-on which is the default browser application that functions to interact with various web content, such as videos and games. Among them are Adobe Flash, Live Streaming IG story, and others.

If you install an add-on from an untrusted source, this can cause an error in the internet explorer. For that make sure you install the add on from a trusted developer so that your device is safe from problems on computers and laptops.

That's how to deal with internet explorer which opens by itself. if that method doesn't work it's most likely because it's been infected with malware/virus that has infected your device, this malware is set to open strange webs.

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