4 Ways to Solve No Battery is Detected on All Version of Windows

what happens if your computer can't detect the presence of the battery? maybe your laptop will be like a refrigerator that must be electrified otherwise the fridge will die. Laptops are designed to work outdoors, making them easy for users and can be carried anytime and anywhere.

Laptops have the advantage of a PC that doesn't take up too much space, it's not complicated because of the scattered cables, and the most important thing is that the laptop can still be used when the power suddenly goes out because it's equipped with a battery.

But of all the advantages, it does not necessarily make the laptop avoid problems. Such as a screen that suddenly turns off, a keyboard that suddenly breaks, beeps at startup, the laptop does not turn on, and of course, as we discussed now (no battery is detected), and others that we cannot mention one by one.

A laptop battery that makes life without a problem plug, this is a severe problem for laptop users of course. This sign appears on the battery icon in the system tray showing a red cross.

No Battery is Detected

How to Fix No Battery is Detected

If you put it pointed towards the icon it will issue a message 'no battery detected'. This problem can also occur with old batteries and batteries that you just bought. The cause is due to the battery itself or it could also be due to a problematic windows operating system.

1. Do Troubleshooting

On the operating system, there is a menu called 'troubleshoot' whose purpose is to look for problems that occur on your laptop and fix the problem. to use it you can follow the tutorial below:

  • On the start menu type 'troubleshoot' then 'troubleshoot settings' will appear.
  • on the troubleshoot menu find 'Power' option. Then select 'Run the troubleshooter' to diagnose problems that occur in your battery as well as how to fix it.

2. Uninstall Battery Drive

Try to uninstall the battery driver to solve this problem. Take it easy, the driver after being deleted will come back again after laptop is restarted.

  • Open 'Device Manager'.
  • Find word 'Batteries'. you will see two windows battery drivers installed.
  • We just uninstalled 2 battery drivers. Right-click on driver then select 'Uninstall device'.
  • Then select 'Uninstall'. Restart laptop and try to see if your battery icon has appeared or not.

3. Clean Battery Icon

If your laptop includes a type external battery (Removable Battery), then try to clean the connector that acts as a liaison between the battery and laptop. Maybe something is blocking the connector to connect the battery to conduct electricity to the laptop device.

4. Reinstall Your Windows

The last way to solve 'no battery is detected' is to reinstall your windows, this problem may arise with your corrupt operating system. If all the steps still don't solve the problem, try taking it to a laptop repairman, this is the most urgent for those of you who have this problem.

The battery is the most important component because that's what makes a laptop has the advantage of mobility, without a battery the mobility of the laptop will be greatly reduced because you have to need a power plug to keep the laptop on.

Taking care of laptop batteries is also important to do, one example of charging for laptop batteries is to charge the battery before it runs out completely, to make it easier you can try setting the battery notification out when it is in a condition of 30% - 10% to start charging your laptop.

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