5 Way to Stop Windows Update on Windows All Version

Windows updates are really needed to improve performance and get new features provided by windows. However, when we need it outside the room that does not get n internet connection such as Wi-fi and when we use a connection Hotspot from a phone then this will be very wasteful.

What is very annoying when updating is when we have sudden activity, when we open the laptop this update makes us very upset, therefore stop windows update on our PC. Don't worry, this only temporarily turns off windows update, if you want to update, just turn on windows update again.

Stop Windows Update on Windows All Version

How to Stop Windows Update on PC/Laptop

For genuine license users, we recommend updating regularly to enjoy the latest features, but for those of you who are very disturbed by this automatic windows update, you can follow the tutorial below so that windows does not automatically update.

1. Stop Windows Update From Control Panel

The first way is from the control panel, a very easy way to do this, please refer to the tutorial:
  • Open Control Panel with type 'Control Panel' on search.
  • Then, select 'System and Security' and 'Select Administrative' menu.
  • Then you will see a new page that contains a variety of different features and functions. In this menu select 'Service'.
  • Scroll down until you found 'Windows Update', and double-click then select 'Properties'.
  • Now, change option on 'Startup Type' to 'Disabled', select 'Stop' then select 'Ok'.

If you want to restart windows update, just return to the initial settings.

2. How to Stop Windows Update Via Metered Connection

This method for those of you who use wifi, here's the tutorial:
  • Right-click on the name of Wifi that is already connected.
  • Then, Scroll down. Turn toggle to 'ON'.

3. Stop Windows Automatic Updates From Configure Automatic Updates

The following ways to turn off automatic windows updates only apply to the Professional, Enterprise, and Education versions. Here's how:
  • Press 'Windows Key' + R, and type gpedit.msc. Then press 'Enter'.
  • Then, select 'Computer Configuration' and select 'Administrative Templates'.
  • Select 'Windows Components', and select menu 'Windows Update'.
  • Next, double-click on 'Configure Automatic Updates'. To turn off update, select 'Disable' and 'Ok'.
  • If you want to turn on updates as before, just change it to 'Enable'.
  • You can also disable Windows OS driver updates only by going 'Do not include drivers with Windows Update' Section in the same location.
  • Double-right the settings, change this option to 'Enable' then click 'Ok'.
  • If you want to allow driver updates, just change the setting to 'Not Configured'.

4. Stop Windows Update From CMD

You can also disable windows update permanently by using a command that is executed via CMD or the command prompt. Here's how:
  • Type CMD on search, you can press Windows + R and type CMD, then press Ok or Enter to open it.
  • Then, run 'net stop wuauserv', 'net stop bits', and 'net stop dosvc' rrespectively.
  • Close CMD, automatic windows update will stopped.
  • To continue update, do same way alternately.

5. Stop Windows Update Permanently with EaseUS

If you want to use third party software, you can try it with EaseUS how to use this software it is very easy to turn off windows update.
  • Download software EaseUS Tools M for free, then install the software.
  • Run the software, then enter to Windows Update.
  • After that, click Disable to stopping system update automatically.
  • If you want turn on back, just enabled windows update on EaseUS
Those are some guidelines to stop windows updates automatically. Windows has also released the latest version you can get windows 11 and enjoy all the latest features. However, if your PC specification are standard, we recommend just sticking with windows 10 and below because this will make your PC not mind when running the operation system. hopefully, this article is useful for all of you.

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