Difference Between MBR and GPT Partition Type on Windows

Before installing an operating system, usually, the hard drive needs to be divided or partitioned first, this applies to all types of Linux, Windows, and others. The hard drive itself is a piece of hardware for storing files/data on a Laptop or PC. Hard Drive can also be used as a backup data and also a container for programs (Operating System).

And during the installation process, you will be asked to select the partition type from MBR and GPT. Do you know what MBR and GPT mean? Please read the explanation below to find out the difference between this type of partition.

How to Find out MBR and GPT partition types

MBR is an old version of the partition type or can be said to be ancient, this partition type also has a storage limit of approximately 2 Terrabytes, while GPT is the newest partition. And support media for storage with a maximum size of 9.5 Zettabyte. This type has many advantages. But if you use hardware whose operating system still uses 32-bit architecture, it is recommended to keep using the MBR partition type.

Check MBR and GPT Partition Type Via Control Panel

1. The first step open 'Computer Management' on Start Menu.

2. Then Computer Management windows will open as shown below. Next to Storage menu there is a Disk Management option, click 'Disk Management'.
3. In this menu you will see the total of your hard drive. Here I use only 1 hard drive, right-click on the disk to see the partition type. After that, several options will appear. Here my disk shows the 'Convert to MBR Disk' option. And the conclusion is that it uses a GPT partition type.

Check MBR and GPT Partition Type Via Command Prompt

1. The first step is to open a Command Prompt on your computer. You can search for it in Windows Search or by clicking 'Windows + R', and in the Run screen type CMD. Then Command Prompt will appear.
2. After that, type command 'diskpart' then Enter.

3. Then you will enter the diskpart.exe windows which also looks like a command prompt. Here you have to type command 'list disk'. And look at disk 0, here is an asterisk in the GPT list. Well, that's a sign that my computer uses a GPT partition type.

So many tutorials on the difference between MBR and GPT partition types. I hope this article can help facilitate your work.

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