How to Remove Ads on Google Chrome All Windows Version

Ads appear that suddenly make us uncomfortable when using our computer/laptop devices because these ads block the view from the web when we want to read news, download files, or even when we want to click on something on a website.

Advertisements such as goods or products can still be tolerated but it is a different story if advertisements such as poker, gambling, and even adult content. This will make you very uncomfortable when you open your device in public places or in the work environment. There are also ads that appear that carry malware, viruses, and so on. Which can make our device slow down. Then, how to remove ads on google chrome? See the following explanation.


How to Remove Ads on Google Chrome

When we surf the internet, we often visit sites such as downloading movies, software, news sites, tutorials, and others. Almost all sites have ads on them, the problem is that the ads cover the content we want to see, this is the reason ads make some people very annoyed with their existence. And this will also slow down your chrome browser you can minimize excessive RAM high usage by using Firemin.

Why here we choose google chrome as a reference because this is one of the most widely used web browsers in the world. We can remove these ads with the features provided in the settings, please refer to the tutorial below:

Change Browser Settings

1. The first step is to click on the three dots above the right of 'Customize and control Google Chrome'.
2. Then several menu will appear. and select the Settings menu to change it.

3. In settings, select the Privacy and Security menu. After that, on the right side, there are many menu, just select Site Settings. Because to remove ads on google chrome we have to change the site settings first.

4. On this menu there are various kinds of sites that are allowed to display and which are not allowed to display notifications. Here we just change the allow section and change the status to block so that the site does not display ads anymore.
5. To change the status to Block you just click the three dots and select Block. Do this for all sites that you want to block ads for.

Remove Google Chrome Ads using AdBlock

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Open site, then download this software.
  • Select Add Extention, then Google Chrome will install Adblock Extention.
  • Select Adblock icons.
  • Select option and tab filter list.
  • Checkbox on Acceptable ads on the filter list.

That's how to remove ads on google chrome, this browser also has a cache that can burden the device, you can also delete cache so that the storage isn't full and doesn't slow down your device. This method is a recommendation for those of you who use medium-spec devices, for those who are already using SSD, you don't have to delete this cache, it can also be deleted when it is almost full capacity.

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