How to Screenshot From Laptop/computer, Very Easy!

There are still many people who don't know how to easily screenshot on a laptop, the benefit of screenshots is that they can take over the typing job. Screenshots are also usually used as authentic evidence that a party has produced certain statements or data. The screenshots already have can be placed or published on social media.

For example, starting from playing games, doing assignments, or other. You can easily save images with screenshots from the laptop. You can take pictures (screenshots) on a laptop with a windows operating system.

Screenshot From Laptop

1. Screenshot Using PrtSc Button

To capture an image on the entire screen you can press the Print Screen (PrtSc) button. However, the screenshot will not be saved in the file, but will be copied to the clipboard and you need to paste it.
  • The first step opens the page on your laptop or PC where you want to take a picture.
  • Press Print Screen (Prtsc) button. The screenshot will be saved on the clipboard and you just have to paste it.
  • Open Paint software on the start menu and Paste (Ctrl+v), you will get a screenshot of the entire screen. To save it, you just click File > Save As.

2. Screenshot Using Alt Key + Prtscn Button Combination

How to screenshot from laptop and PC second ways is by using Alt+Print Screen Button. This button can let you take pictures of the currently active window, not full screen.
  • First, Displays the screen to be shot. You can open Microsoft Word and minimize to example.
  • Press(Alt + PrtSc) to save picture on clipboard.
  • Open Paint software and Paste (Ctrl+V). Then only Ms. Word will be appear, not including the screen background.

3. Screenshot Using Windows Key + Shift + S Button Combination

When using this method, the screen will dim and the laptop mouse pointer will change, you can drag the cursor to select the part of the screen to be a shot.
  • Press "Windows + Shift + S" button and drag cursor to select part.
  • Will appear Snipping Tool notification on bottom right and open it.
  • After this, you can edit and save or you can save first after that edit in other software.
  • To save you can press (Ctrl+S) button and locate directory you want to save image.

4. Screenshot Using Windows + Print Screen Button Combination

The next way to screenshot on a laptop and PC is to use the Windows key + PrtSc. This method is even more practical, because you don't have to bother editing it anymore.
  • Make sure you are on the screen you want to screenshot.
  • Press Windows key + PrtSc and pay attention to the screen flickering when you take a screenshot.
  • To see the screenshot saved on computer, you just need to go to (C:\Users[username]\Pictures\Screenshot) directory.

5. Using Third-Party Software (Lighshot)

The last way to screenshot from a laptop is to use a software called LightShot, if you want more options for selecting and customizing screenshots you can download LightShot software.

To use LightShot you just press the "PrtSc key" on the keyboard to start drag and taking pictures on the screen a laptop.

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