How To Speed Up Computer Performance

Some users of computer equipment must have felt this, a computer that is slow like a snail, on this occasion we will try to speed up computer the more speed it is for sure. To do this, see first, it's slow because the computer is infected with a virus or indeed the laptop has low specs, if the specs are indeed the last way is to upgrade the computer.

Many factors cause the computer to be slow, such as being attacked by a virus, never updating windows, and the most important thing is computer maintenance from the user itself.

Speed Up Computer Performance

Speed Up Computer Performance

We will provide several solutions that you can try to overcome a slow computer, please read carefully:

1. Delete temporary files (Recycle Bin)

This temporary (junk) file can also be a hindrance to computer performance, but before deleting it, first check whether it is no longer needed. You can also clear cache which makes your storage full.

2 Delete unnecessary gadgets on the desktop

Gadgets installed on the desktop are also an influence on the computer. Because the gadget is in the form of animation and this greatly burdens your computer/laptop RAM. However, if you have a PC that has high specifications, installing gadgets will not cause problems on your PC.

3. Uninstall Unused Software

The next thing to do is uninstall software that is no longer in use, both manually installed software and windows itself. Because a lot of software is installed it will create a burden for RAM which can cause your PC device to be slow in the process.

Usually, the software will automatically run when the PC turned on, if the software is still in use you can turn off autostart at startup from the Task Manager.

4. Replace HDD With SSD

If you have a little more money, you can upgrade from HDD to SSD this will greatly affect your PC/Laptop, from speed up boot time and speeding up the process of opening software.

5. Disk Defragmenter

With files that are stored and unorganized, it will certainly slow down your HDD performance, by defragmenting storage, you will have no trouble finding messy files and will feel faster than before.

Those are some ways to speed up computer performance, for those of you who have a PC with medium specifications, you have to frequently take care of and clean up trash from your PC, unlike those with gaming specifications, those problem will not be felt.

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