Microsoft Investigate July Update Corrupt MS Access App

Corrupt MS Access

As some users in the official Microsoft community and Reddit have complained, the update made in July triggers problems in MS Access 2016 and MS Access 2013 with versions (KB5002112 and KB5002121).

Microsoft is investigating what happened to MS Access stopping itself after this month's Tuesday patch update. "The Access product team is investigating this issue. Thanks for all the reports, we'll update it soon," said Shane Groff, in a thread on Microsoft Answer.

Microsoft also acknowledges this is a common issue in support involving two problematic Microsoft Office security updates. Affected users report that this bug impacts MS Access compiled databases, such as MDE and ACCDE, including MS Access in Office 365.

While it is possible that Microsoft has not provided a workaround or a temporary fix for this issue, until they release an update to address this common issue, affected customers say that removing the update that is causing the issue will be able to resolve the issue.

It should be noted however that uninstalling this kind of security update is intended to fix the Microsoft Office vulnerability issue with code CVE-2022-33632. This is because Microsoft packed all the security fixes in an update. Removing the cumulative update will probably fix the bug, but it will also remove the fix for the vulnerability that was patched during last June's patch Tuesday update that caused Microsoft 365 login issues, AAD, and WIFI network issues.

Therefore, uninstalling the problematic update can be used as a last resort and should only be done if the situation is really urgent.

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