Windows Security Can't Open on Windows 11

Windows Security is really needed so that PC security is maintained from viruses and malware that will attack our devices, please note that feature windows antivirus itself also considers files that should not be viruses but are instead considered viruses and automatically delete them.

So because of this we also need something called turning off  Windows Security for a while. This method is commonly used for people who like downloading software from the internet and using a crack license to enjoy the full version without spending money.

Windows Security Can't Open

How to Open Windows Security on Windows 10

Like admin experience, when I wanted to open Windows Security on Windows 11, I was even told to go to Microsoft Store. I don't know the cause myself, but I found a way to solve this problem.

1. Repair From Windows Powershell

  • Find Windows Powershell on Search.
  • Right-Click on Windows Powershell then select Run As Administrator.
  • After that, type command:
Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.SecHealthUI -AllUsers | Reset AppxPackage
  • Then, Enter and wait a minute for process.
Then Try again to open Windows Security. At this step, there should be no more problems.

2. Disable Third Party

If you also install other antivirus software, this can trigger system operation conflict problems. Because Windows 11 already has a built-in antivirus that is integrated with another security system. So the first solution that you can do is to Disable or uninstall software third-party Antivirus Programs.

3. Reset Windows Security

The third solution is quite simple but very effective to fix this Windows Security. Please see the tutorial below:
  • Press the button 'Windows + I' on the keyboard.
  • Then open 'Apps > Apps & Feature'.
  • Find and select Windows Security > Advanced Options with click three-dot on the right.
  • Click 'Repair' button first and after that continue pressing 'Reset' button.
If it is already, 'Restarts' your PC/Laptop after that, if you have done a try test, can Windows Security be opened?

How to Turn Off Windows Security on Windows 11

After you knew how to open windows security on windows 11 in these next steps, we learn about turning it off. Sometimes, we also need to turn off this antivirus because when we are installing software or applications it is often considered a virus by windows security. Please follow the tutorial below to do it.
  • Open Settings on Start Menu.
  • Then select 'Update & Security'.
  • After that select 'Windows Security'.
  • Select 'Virus & treat protection'.
  • Then select manage 'Manage Settings'.
  • Turn off all the menus that are there, and congratulations your windows security has been turned off.
That's the way to turn windows security on and off on windows 11, in the case that we experienced when we wanted to open it, we were even told to go to the Microsoft Store. If you experience the same thing, this tutorial will most likely fix the problem on your laptop.

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