Windows Update June 2022, Causes Microsoft 365 Login Issues, AAD and WI-Fi Networks

Causes Microsoft 365 Login Issues, AAD and WI-Fi Networks

Microsoft is currently investigating a common issue that causes login issues to Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365 on ARM devices, after the implementation of the June 2022 Windows update.

Microsoft said in a service alert that users may experience problems logging in to some Microsoft 365 services on ARM-based Windows devices after installing the update released as part of this month's Patch Tuesday. "Application and services that use Azure Active Directory to log in may also be impacted," Microsoft said further on the Windows release health dashboard. According to Microsoft, the service warning impacts the following scenarios, but is limited to:

  • Azure Active Directory error to login.
  • VPN network.
  • Microsoft Teams desktop version.
  • OneDrive for Business.
  • Outlook Desktop Client.
A list of Windows versions affected by this new common issue includes WIndows 11 (21H2), Windows 10 (21H2), WIndows 10 (21H1), and WIndows 10 (20H2) platform. Microsoft engineers are currently looking for a solution to this Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365 login issue and will be releasing a fix to address the issue in a future Windows update. "We are actively investigating the service logs and telemetry in the latest Windows security update to understand the root cause and create a fixed plan," Microsoft added.

Switch to Web App (Solution)

Microsoft is also sharing a temporary solution for customers affected by this login issue, until a more permanent solution is available. According to Microsoft, users who wish to continue using the affected product can switch to the web app version. "To get around the problem, you can use the web version of the affected apps, such as OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and," Microsoft said.

This month's Windows update appears to be bringing a number of new issues, with Microsoft revealing that users may also experience network issues when using Wi-Fi hotspots to update client and server systems.

The June update may also cause backup issues on Windows Server systems, with applications continuing to fail to back up data using Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) due to security additions introduces to address the access rights upgrade vulnerability issue CVE-2022-30154.

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