2 Ways to Disable Cortana on Windows 10

Are you a user of the Windows 10 operating system? One of the features of windows 10 is a personal application initially developed by Microsoft, but it is now available for IOS, and Xbox One. Development Cortana formed a team as an early prototype builder since 2009.

Basically, it is an application for recognizing voices, setting reminders, and even understanding the user. The way Cortana works, which uses Bing or better known as the decision-making engine, will provide better performance if users use it frequently. This is due t the use of Bing which can recognize questions asked based on the user's behavior. Cortana will collect information about you through the activities you do.

Amazingly, this application, which is often dubbed a virtual personal assistant, can actually perform its employer's duties such as doing management of daily activities such as searching for a place, booking a hotel, reminding you of your activities, opening or closing an application and so on. The name Cortana itself was actually inspired by Microsoft's fictional game character in the HALO series.

Disable Cortana Windows 10
Disable Cortana

How to Disable Cortana Windows 10

This one application is very useful, but there are some users who want to disable this feature because related to laptop batteries that are very quickly drained due to this application feel annoyed because of the presence of Cortana on the taskbar which narrows the taskbar. Or even don't want to use it because you must have an internet connection, for that reason for some users the presence of Cortana is not important to them.

Here are the steps to disable Cortana:

Disable Cortana Permanently Via Group Policy Editor

1. Press "Windows+R" button on your keyboard, type to run "gpedit.msc" and then press Enter.

2. If the Local Group Policy Editor window appear, Navigated to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates.
3. Double click on Windows Components then select Search.

4. Then, Double click "Allow Cortana" on the right panel.

5. It will appear new windows, please select the option "Disable" then click OK to Disable Cortana.

6. Close GPE (Group Policy Editor) and Restart your computer.
If you want to use Cortana in the future, you can follow steps above then select "Enabled" for Allow Cortana.

Disable Cortana Using Windows Registry 

Warning: You'll need to create system restore point to anticipate if you make mistake, and if you're absolutely sure you want to permanently disable Cortana, then you'll need to open Registry Editor.
1. Right-click on the windows icon then select Run to open it. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut "Windows+R".
2. Type command "Regedit" then Enter/OK.

3. Navigate to HKEY_Local_machine - Software - Policies - Microsoft - Windows, Then select Windows directory with Right-click and select New - Key.

4. Change name "New Key #1" to "Windows Search".

5. On Windows Search right-click then select New - DWORD (32-bit) Value.

6. Create name the new file "AllowCortana".
7. Double click on "AllowCortana", and will appear new window, set the value to 0 then select OK.

8. Close Windows Registry and Restart your Computer.

 If you want to turn on Cortana because disabling it makes your laptop problematic you can use system restore to resolve it, or you can also try going back into the Registry Editor and deleting "AllowCortana" file you created.

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