How to Make a Shutdown Timer on Windows 10 (Laptop/PC)

Shutdown timer to turn off computer/laptop automatically. Microsoft provides Windows operating system, this feature for those who often forget to turn off their devices, and it can also be for those who want to leave but the computer must be on to waiting for the download or upload process.

Schedule a Computer/Laptop to shutdown With Command Prompt

Follow these steps for a one-time shutdown automatically using the command prompt.

1. On Start/Windows Search Box, type CMD and then Enter.
2. Type "shutdown -s -t" and add the number of seconds you want and Enter.

3. A pop up window will appear, then Windows will shutdown according to the amount of time you've requested.

The computer will automatically shutdown at the time you specified. A warning window will appear a few minutes before shutdown to remind you, too.

Note: On the second step CMD use seconds to measure time, not minutes. If you want to shutdown the computer for 10 minutes, use 600 seconds and if you want to shutdown 10 hours, use 3,6000. You can choose whatever you want. To cancel your computer shutdown automatically, cancel it by opening the Command Prompt and typing shutdown -a. and Enter.

Using Task Scheduler to Set up Shutdown Timer

1. Open Start and type Task Scheduler and open it.

2. After the Task Scheduler window opens, navigate to Actions and select Create Basic Task.

3. On boxes Name and Description, type a name you want and a description, and Next.

4. Then, you will be directed to Create Basic Task Wizard window, select a Trigger, and Next.

5. Select Dates and times as your need, and Next.

6. After that, Select Start a Program to start the command, and Next.

7. On the Start a Program menu use the Browse button to put the program into your computer, it might have a different name but usually use Shutdown.exe.

8. After you have the shutdown file, you can open it to start, then on the Start a Program window, select Next.
9. Select Finish.

Note: with using Task Scheduler you can set shutdown timer for multiple uses (like daily or weekly), by using Task Scheduler you don't have to set things up all the time.

Using PowerShell to set Shutdown timer

1. Open it via Start Menu/Windows Search and types Powershell, You can use Windows PowerShell or Windows PowerShell ISE.
2. You can use the command.
Start-Sleep -s ##; Stop-Computer - ComputerName localhost

-s                             = Seconds

##                            = Number of Seconds (Replace this sign with the time you want)

ComputerName    = Just use ComputerName if for the local computer or specify the computer name you wish to shutdown.

3. and then Enter.

Note: Make sure no application is open to run shutdown timer from PowerShell because this will shutdown your computer immediately.

Set Up Shutdown Timer With Run Command

1. Open run with the command "Windows+R".

2. On the Run dialog box, type

Shutdown -s -t 1200

1200 seconds you can change with time you want and Enter/OK.

I hope this article about making a shutdown timer can help your work, you can also change Windows Sleep times on your computer.


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