How to Settings Windows Sleep Times

Sleep Mode (Standby/Suspended Mode) is one of the feature windows to save energy and battery life, different from shutdown sleep mode itself makes a PC turn off but the components computer is still alive. To turn it on, you just press any button on the keyboard or move the mouse and then your computer will turn on automatically.

Customized Sleep Times on All Windows Versions

To customize sleep time on windows, you must access the Power & Sleep Settings to change it:

1. First step, open Power & sleep settings from the start menu, you can also use "Windows+Q" and then type power & sleep.

2. In the Sleep menu, change how long times you want, and customized the Screen too.

  • Screen : This will make your computer turn off.
  • Sleep    : This will make your computer hibernate.
Note: On a computer desktop, you can only customize sleep times for plugged in. But on laptops yo've four option to change, in Screen and Sleep.


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