2 Ways How to Disable Touchpad on Laptop

Touchpad (TrackPad) is a tool to move the pointer on a laptop that serves to point to what the user wants, the touchpad itself is a compact version of the PC mouse.

Altough the touchpad is a substitute for the mouse, there are some activities are not comfortable when using this touchpad, because of its limited movement. Mouse generally has a sensitivity that is more comfortable when used, especially for those of you who like to play games.

When you use the mouse on a laptop and are playing game or doing any activity, you should disable touchpad to avoid accidentally touching it, because it will be very annoying.

How to Disable Touchpad on Laptop

There are two ways that can be used to disable touchpad on laptop when you use the mouse, through the settings and control panel follow the tutorial below:

1. Disable Touchpad From Settings

  • Open Settings menu from Start Menu.
  • On Settings window, click Devices.
  • Then, click Touchpad like indicated by the box in the image below.
  • On Touchpad window, click Additional settings on Related settings.
  • In the Mouse Properties window, click the device (touchpad) that will be turned off and then tick Disable when external USB pointing device plug in.
  • Next, click button Apply and OK.

2. Disable Touchpad From Control Panel

Here's how to disable the touchpad from the control panel:
  • Open Control Panel from Start Menu on your Laptop.
  • On windows Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound.
  • Then, select Mouse.
  • On Mouse Properties window, select device (touchpad) that you want to turn off and then checklist (Disble when external USB pointing device plug in). 
  • Next, select Apply button and OK.
After you do the above method the touchpad will not be able to be used, to restore it you can simply check the mouse properties as in the tutorial above (just uncheck "Disable when external USB pointing device plug in).

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