Download Firemin for Optimize Firefox Memory Usage

Are you a Firefox browser user? However, you have a problem with your browser that overused RAM memory, this will make your PC/Laptop slow even though the Mozilla firefox software itself is small in size, why it takes up so much memory.

Mozilla Firefox has become one of the favorite browsers of many people in the world, in terms of appearance this browser is very simple and uncomplicated. All browser software do have advantages and disadvantages, for firefox itself it takes up too much memory which makes this software feel heavy/slow.

In my own experience, Firefox can take up to 300-500 MB of memory for one use. Not to mention if you open a lot of tabs this will make more memory consumed by Firefox.

There is a way to optimize Firefox so it doesn't take up a lot of memory, you've to use a third-party software called Firemin, this software will limit usage on the Mozilla Firefox browser itself.

Download Firemin
What is Firemin Software?

Firemin is software to overcome memory leaks and too many memory resources when using the Firefox browser. Firefox which usually will take up 300-500 MB of memory will be reduced by 95% so that it becomes 10-50 MB only.

Firemin works using an API called EmptyWorkingSet and runs in the System Tray. The trick is to force the browser to use the minimum memory possible, and this will make the browser that was originally memory-intensive controllable. There are several advantages of Firemin software that you can know:
  • You can get this software for free.
  • Firemin consumes very little memory, which will not make your PC/Laptop feel slow.
  • You can control the browser's memory usage with this software, even able to save memory up to 95%.

How to Install and Use Firemin Software

In this tutorial, the admin will use chrome to replace Mozilla firefox. This is also an advantage of this software because it is not only for certain software but also for other browsers.
  • Open Firemin.exe software that has been downloaded.
  • Follow the instructions until the installation is complete.
  • Open with double click on shortcut Firemin.
  • Then, select the Browse menu and find where your browser installation is located.
  • Pilih Chrome.exe (For Mozilla Firefox select Mozilla.exe) After that select Open.
  • And look in the Task Manager whether the memory usage has reduced or not.
  • Before Using Firemin Software:
  • After using Firemin:

Download Firemin

That's the explanation about Firemin software to optimize browser memory usage on your PC/Laptop, this way your browser won't feel slow at all. You can also get regular updates to feel the increased performance of the Firemin software. Download Firemin to Optimize Firefox memory usage in this link below:

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