How to Enable Full Screen Mode Google Chrome

With full screen mode, you will be free from distractions such as the bookmark bar, browser menu, window tabs, taskbar, and other features. You will be more flexible when using google chrome when using this mode.

Using full screen mode Google Chrome will not enlarge the text or font, but will only expand the overall appearance. To activate full-screen mode is also very easy, you can do it via the Customize and Google Chrome menu or use the Keyboard combination button.

How to Enable Full Screen on Google Chrome

Method 1: Via Chrome Menu

1. Open "Customize and control Chrome" or the three vertical dots menu on the top right corner.

2. Then, click the full screen button (Square icon) and chrome will display fill the laptop/computer screen.

Method 2: Via Keyboard Button

The second way to make full-screen on Google Chrome is by pressing "F11" button on the keyboard. This method has been provided by the Chrome developer. Sometimes there are problems on some laptops that cannot use this method, you can try using the key combination (Ctrl+F11), (Alt+F11), or (Fn+F11).

Although this feature (Full Screen Google Chrome) is very useful so that we can focus when surfing the internet, it turns out that this feature also has a few weaknesses or shortcomings.

The weakness or decency is that if you want to switch pages or other tabs, then we have to close the Full-screen mode first, then we can move to another page. Maybe one day the developer will update Google Chrome this feature will be fixed soon.

How to Exit Chrome From Full-Screen Mode

To exit full-screen mode, you just press the "F11" key on the keyboard or right-click and select (Exit Full Screen). The following may be some of the questions Google Chrome users have about the full screen mode.

1. How to Zoom

You can use the (Ctrl+Plus) key combination to zoom out and (Ctrl+Minus) to zoom in.

2. How to Use Other Programs When Google Chrome Full Screen Mode

Of course you can. The windows taskbar can be brought back up by pressing the windows key combination between (Ctrl+Alt). 

3. How to Switch Tabs when Google Chrome Full screen Mode

Since the tabs no longer appear, the solution is to use the shortcut (Ctrl+1,2,3...)  in order of browser tab numbers.

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