How to Get Update Google Chrome

Google Chrome is currently still the most popular browser because this browser under the auspices of the google software company gets regular updates to maximize the performance of this browser itself.

Get update Google Chrome is very easy. Actually, this browse can update automatically by giving notifications when you want to enter the browser, but if you want to check whether your browser version has been updated or not.

Hot to Get Update Google Chrome For PC

1. Click three dots vertical on the top right navigation. Select Help - About Google Chrome.

If your browser is up to date. See the image below.

2. If an update is available, Chrome will download the files it needs and start the installation by itself. You can leave it and continue with other activities. See the image below.

3. After finished, you need to restart chrome by pressing the "Relaunch" button to do it. Chrome will automatically reopen tabs that were previously forced closed. But if that doesn't happen, you can use "CTRL+Shift+T" button combination to restore the tab.

How to Get Update Google Chrome For Android

1. You just open play store app and type "Google Chrome".
2. If there is an update available, you can simply press the "Update" button and wait until the download is complete.
3. Then close and reopen the browser application. Congratulations your browser has become the latest version.

Updating Google Chrome is Very Important?

Updating the browser not only offers features and improvements but updating the browser regularly also increases security.

Does Google Chrome have to be updated manually?

Actually, Chrome is designed to download and install files automatically. However, if the user is busy working on internet-related activities, the browser will pause the process so as not to interface. Thus, sometimes we ourselves have to take the initiative to instruct Chrome to start updating.

How to speed up Google Chrome Updates?

To speed up, of course, you have to use a stable internet signal and turn off software that requires a connection first, this way the download process will be faster.

Are updates released to all platforms?

Chrome releases update for all platforms, be it Windows, Linux, Android, or Chrome OS. But it is usually released in rotation with Chrome OS as the top priority. Windows XP and Windows Vista no longer get updates.

I have an error while updating, what is the solution?

Error's when updating is generally only minor problems. Just relaunch the Chrome browser then do the update again. If it doesn't work, please uninstall software (Google Chrome) and then download Google Chrome to get the latest variant without the update process.

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