How to Make Google Chrome Dark Mode

Google Chrome is one of the browser software that is one of the best choices for browsing the internet because it looks as simple as and is not complicated to use. Dark mode has benefits, one of which makes the eyes more comfortable while browsing. How do I activate it? Google has updated the browser software and application which carries a new feature, dark mode, or offers an interface with a theme. This feature will make the chrome interface dark, making it more comfortable on the eyes because it does not emit excess light.

Do you not like the bright color in google Chrome? On this occasion, we will learn how to make chrome dark mode. Dark Mode for the appearance of Chrome home and site content will be different, there are also some sites that have been set to adjust the settings of the system.

(Credit: Google Chrome)

Chrome Dark Mode For Windows PC

Dark Mode For All Site And Contents:

1. Open Google Chrome Browser and type "Chrome://Flags" on address bar.
2. On the Flags Chrome page, type "Dark" on "Search flags"
3. After that will appear "Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents" menu on "Experiments" categories select "Enable" and it will appear notification to "Relaunch" select it. The browser will automatically restart by itself and all content from the site will turn dark background.

Dark Theme For PC:

1. Open Google Chrome and select "Options" icon with three dots at the top right and select "Settings".

2. Select the "Appearance" menu and select "Theme", and you will be redirected to the "Chrome Web Store".
3. Find a dark theme (example: Just Black).
4. After that, select "Add to Chrome" button and see Google Chrome's display will turn completely dark.

Dark Theme For Smartphone Android:

1. Open Google Chrome on your smartphone and select "Options" icon with three dots at the top right and select "Settings".
2. To change the background select "Theme" and select "Dark" options.
3. The background appearance will also turn dark.

It seems that you have to enable Dark Mode differently for the display section of Google Chrome and the display of the site that appears. After both are active, then you can enjoy the dark background completely.

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