How to Recover Flash Drive on PC

We may have accidentally deleted a file or folder from our flash disk, or even gotten a virus, so some of our files will be deleted automatically without us knowing. Moreover, the deleted file is a file that we really needed. Then how to recover flash drive on the PC? Follow the suggestions below.

How to Recover File on Flash Drive

There are several ways you can do to overcome this, choose one if it hasn't made your files go back, Try using the next step.

1. Use CMD (Command Prompt) to Recover Flash Drive

  • First, make sure your flash drive is installed on your PC/Laptop, then open Run and type CMD with the command (Windows+R).
  • Type your flash drive location that you will fix. For example, if your flash drive called (D:) then type 'D:' on CMD .
  • Next, Please Type "ATTRIB *.* -S -H -R /S /D" on CMD.

The meaning of the command:
  • ATTRIB  : command in Dos language to assign attributes to a file or folder.
  • -S             : (-) means to delete and (S) and the letter S means the file systems. This will disable 'protected operating system' attribute.
  • -H            : Function to remove hidden attributes or change file that were originally hidden to be visible again.
  • *.*           : The asterisk (*) means all, so what this command means is all files or folders that have all extensions.
  • /S             : that means to process all file on folder with same on file.bat location and also all the subfolders contained therein.
  • /D            : Command to process the folder, the point is that if we do not write this command it will only process all files without processing the folder.
If you have done, try to check the file that is on the flash drive is back or not, if not you can follow the next tutorial:

2. Use Recuva Software to Recover Flash Drive

  • You can download Recuva from the download link provided below. And Install Recuva Software Follow these steps:
  • Open Recuva, and Next.
  • You will be given a choice of what files you want to recovery, but we recommend that you select All Files.
  • Then, please select the location of your file where you delete it. However, if you don't remember it, please select "I'm not sure" and click "Next".
  • Select "Enable Deep Scan" and "Start".
  • Then, wait for a moment until process done.
  • Please specify your flash drive partition is. Then, please click "Scan".
  • It will appear some files that have been deleted from your flash drive. Please choose and check which files you want to recover. Then you can also see the file info. If you think it is correct, please click "Recover".
  • Please spesify where the file you want to recovery. Then, please click "Ok" and then will appear notification you just click "Yes".
  • After that, select "Keep both Files" so that other files with the same name will not be lost.
  • Please select "OK" to close Recuva.

Those are some ways to restore a flash drive you can also read about how to fix write protected USB flash drive, if this article can help you, please share it with your friends so they also know how to recover flash drive on PC easily.

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