Sleep Mode Windows 10 Not Working

So many people use the Sleep Mode Windows 10 feature on their PCs or Laptops because they use the sleep mode feature when they want to go to sleep, go out for a while, cook, or do any other activity. we can immediately use it without waiting for the boot time, this is the advantage of using this feature.

Sleep Mode Windows 10 Not working

Have you ever experienced your PC/Laptop while in sleep mode (waking immediately after you put it to sleep), (PC does not go to sleep. Instead, it stays awake), (randomly or unexpectedly wakes after sleep). There are several factors that can cause sleep mode not to work.

1. Sleep Mode Windows 10 Not Working Because Sensitive Mouse

Some mice may have different option sensitivities, there are also mouse versions that are very sensitive, medium, and low. Using a very sensitive version of the mouse will make your computer fail to do sleep mode. Here is how to solve this.
  • For Windows 8 and 10 users, you can press "Windows+X" button on the keyboard. And then select Device Manager.
  • For Windows 7 and XP users you can find it by going to "Control Panel" From Start Menu, then select "Hardware and Sound" and finally selecting "Device Manager.
  • Next, please select "Mice and other pointing device".
  • Navigate pointer to Device mouse name is already installed and click right, then select option "Properties".
  • Now you can select "Power Management" and make sure to uncheck the box "Allow this device to wake the computer", and select OK.
The tutorial above is how to turn off the mouse so that window ignores the mouse you want to do open sleep tasks, if you can do sleep mode, just press the button on the keyboard, and the PC will automatically turn on.

2. Overcome Windows That Won't Sleep Mode Automatically

By default settings may not allow the PC/Laptop to Sleep Mode Windows 10. Or it could be that someone may have used your PC/Laptop and changed its settings so that the computer never sleeps. You can use this method after following the tutorial above and the result still fails.
  • Go to Start Menu and select "Settings" menu, then select "System".
  • Click on "Power & Sleep" menu, then scroll down until you found "Additional power Settings".
  • Select "Change when the computer sleeps" menu, and click to open window settings.
  • Next, select "Change advanced ower settings" option.
  • Here will appear "Power Option" window, you can customize features and power settings. You can also enable or disable the hibernation feature to allow the wake timer by manually adjusting the settings.
  • For a quick way you just press "Restore plan default" Button. This will automatically change all settings back to their default settings.

For Windows 7 and XP users you can press the Windows button on the keyboard and select "Control Panel", select "System and Security" then "Power Options". Now, select "Change when the computer sleeps", and select "Change advanced power settings", for the next step is the same as step 5 above.

3. PC/Laptop Can't Wake Up From Sleep Mode

There are several problems that occur in the sleep mode feature itself like the laptop can't wake up from sleep mode. Moreover, this problem arises at a critical time.

In a situation like this, you can't forcefully disable sleep mode because the PC/Laptop screen can't turn on. There is a method you can do in times like this. You can press the power button for about 10 seconds until your PC/Laptop turns off, and wait for 30 seconds to start rebooting your Device.

The first step you can do is update the drivers that are already installed on your windows, this is also one of the factors why your PC/Laptop has a problem. Another possible cause could be your mouse or keyboard, whose settings don't allow those devices to wake your computer. This can happen when you plug in a new device but haven't activated the correct settings.
  • Go to "Device Manager".
  • Select "Keyboard" menu until appearing a dropdown window that shows the device already. installed.
  • Then select "Power Management" and checklist on the box "Allow this device to wake the computer" Option.
  • Next, you also have to reset your mouse settings by following the steps above, but here you select the "Mice and other pointing device" menu.

4. Sleep Mode Windows 10 Not Working After Update Windows

Microsoft itself has an update feature, this is intended so that users can enjoy the latest version. There are several updates that can be found in Windows itself, such as bug fixes, feature additions, and major changes to the operating system.

However, there is an update that actually makes the operating system experience problems. Like after the WIndows 10 (1903) Update, many people on the forum are getting the problem that their PC/Laptop Sleep mode Windows 10 Not Working.

If you are already one the "Victims" of the update, you can try to restore the concentration to its default settings. You can follow the previous tutorial above by clicking "Restore plan default".

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