3 Ways to Mount and Unmount ISO Files

ISO files are usually used when installing an operating system or a utility from software. But before knowing how to mount an ISO file, we must first know what an ISO file is.

An ISO file is a copy of all content on a CD, DVD, or BD in an archived format. The files contained in it vary. For example, such as video files, audio, music, application installers, and so on.

On the Windows operating system itself, it is supported to mount ISO files from devices using Windows 8. So the previous version of Windows you can mount ISO files, you have to use an application or tool to mount them.

Method 1: Using Windows Explorer to Mount ISO File

Windows explorer is the default application of the GUI-based Windows operating system. We can use these tools to copy files, move files, manage files, manage file directories, display or hide files, delete files and even copy files from DVD to computer.

1. To use this way, just right-click on the ISO file you have and then click "Mount" menu.

2. Then Windows Explorer will create a new virtual drive that your ISO file can see and open. If you to close the file again, right-click on the Virtual Drive. Then click eject.
3. To unmount, just right-click the virtual drive, then select Eject.

Method 2: Using WinRAR to mount ISO file

In the second method, we actually only manually open the ISO file with WinRAR, not mounting it like the previous method. If you only want to know the contents of the ISO file in question, this method can also be applied.
1. The first step you must already install a WinRAR on your laptop/PC if you don't have it you can download it from the official website WinRAR. If you have installed it, find your ISO file and then right-click on ISO file and select "Open with WinRAR".

2. With WinRAR you can see files in ISO file type.

Hopefully, this article is useful and can solve those of you who are having problems with mount/unmount ISO files on Windows.

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