Fix Problems User32.dll Not Found of Missing Errors

This problem occurs because it could be caused by a virus, or it could be by a recently uninstalled software that deleted the user32.dll file. Or it's also caused by windows itself crashing the file system.

This file is usually located on the system precisely at "C:Windows\System32\", "C:\Windows\SysWOW32\" or in the installation of the software that is the source of the problem.

Install User32.dll

Method 1: 

1. Open "Start Menu" and open CMD (Command Prompt).
2. Type "regvr32" "User32.dll" and Enter.

Method 2:

1. Open Command Prompt (CMD) as administrator.
2. Tye command "sfc /scannow" on CMD and Enter.
3. Wait for a moment until 100%.
4. Please restart your computer after the process finishes.

But if the error still appears, you can try to restore windows with the system restore feature to a date when your windows are still healthy.

Update Driver

DLL errors can be caused by bugs, out of date device drivers. To troubleshoot this possible problem, update the drivers for all hardware devices installed on our computer. Device drivers for OEM system can be obtained from the system manufacturer's website or from your own disc that came with your computer purchase.

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