How to Activate Taskbar Overflow Windows 11 Update

By default, when Windows 11 Taskbar runs out of space and then you open more apps then its icons will disappear. But now, the developer has released a new feature called Taskbar Overflow. Now, when this feature is activated, it will add more space to the Taskbar on a popup.

At the end of the taskbar, a menu is displayed when you hover it. it will show previously unseen application icons. This Taskbar Overflow feature is available in build 25163, but if you don't get this feature, you can Activate Taskbar Overflow windows 11 manually.

How to Activate Taskbar Overflow Windows 11

1. First, make sure you are using Windows 11 Update Build 22621 or later (for Windows 11 Build 22622 users, this feature is present by default). 

2. Download ViveTool GUI from GitHub or Here. Don't worry that this software will fill up your system storage. It runs in a portable mode, so just launch it after you download it.

3. Extract the ViveTool GUI file, and then open that software.

4. Press F12 to open the manually enabling feature popup. In the feature ID box, type "35620393" and then from the dropdown, select the Activate feature option. After that, will appear popup and the type ID feature same as before.


5. Restart your PC and try opening as many applications so that is no space left on the taskbar. You will see a new menu appears and when hovering over it, it will show icons of the opened apps.

That's the guide on how to activate taskbar overflow windows 11 update. I hope this article was useful for you! Thank you for visiting our blog.

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