How to Set Google Chrome to Default Browser

Browsers are one of the most important needs, without browser software we can't surf or explore the world of the internet. Google Chrome has become a favorite of users, this software under direct support from Google always gets good support and is always updated regularly.

Just like installing default applications in general, making Chrome the main browser can also be done directly on the settings page.

Set Google Chrome to Default Browser on Windows 10

1. First, open "Start Menu" and select "Settings".
2. Find and press "Apps" menu.
3. On "Apps & features" page, select "Default Apps" menu.
4. Find "Web browser" menu, and select Google Chrome as a default app.
5. Finish.

After you have done the above method when you open a file that would normally open on Microsoft Edge it will switch to Google Chrome such as PDF, HTML, and other file formats. Although the average laptop or PC user in the world has migrated to the Windows 10 operating system, some people still use Windows 7 for various reasons. Now for those of you who are still using it, then you need to follow different steps, 

Here's for Windows 7 users:

  1. Select and press the Start Menu with the Windows symbol on the bottom left.
  2. Next, find and select the "Control Panel" icon.
  3. Enter the "Default Program" menu.
  4. Then select "Set your default programs".
  5. Select Google Chrome on the "Programs" Page and press "Set this Program as default" button.

By following the steps outline above, you will now use Google Chrome as the default browser on your favorite device.

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